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We provide comprehensive firewalling, traffic monitoring, off-site logging and intrusion detection whilst improving your network performance.
Up to date training and social engineering testing keeps your staff vigilant and your data safe.


Custodia customers enjoy a ransomware-proof backup solution that covers everything, cloud accounts, emails, websites, databases and in fact any digital asset which has meaning to the company. Fast on-site restore, Air-Gapped offline vault archiving provides comprehensive protection.


Beyond Disaster Recovery
A comprehensive, secure and regularly tested Crisis Incident Response Plan that you don't have to memorise because if you need it, Custodia will be right there with you.


We create and maintain every policy you need to help you lead the way with privacy and protect you from prosecution under legislation such as GDPR by developing policies and best practice that fits your organisation, allowing you to demonstrate competence, compliance and confidence with personal data.

Why Custodia?

We want to level the playing field, security, ransomware proof backups, good business continuity and solid policies and compliance should be something every business can have, not just the firms with tens of thousands to throw at expensive consultants and self-managed solutions.

We work with small and medium enterprises and provide the support they need without any of the horrendous invoices they don't, allowing growth without concern over data security and privacy compliance.

We work to bring your business up to scratch with Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus, even IASME Governance if your clients demand it. With over twenty years individual experience in keeping data safe and serving customers we are here to help. No dashboards, no support tickets, just a good old fashioned relationship where you can do what you do best while we take care of your data.

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